Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Memphis's first Skatepark

We are finally getting our skatepark. Mayor A.C. Wharton announced yesterday that Memphis will have its first skatepark at Tobey Park and it will be built by Wormhoudt, Inc. ( the guys who built Louisville ). So, its super rad that they chose Tobey because that was the first choice for most everyone on where to put the park. It was everyone's favorite, anyway, but it was stated about a year ago that it wasn't in the cards. I don't know what happened between now and then and i really don't care because that is the prime location for a Memphis city skatepark; centrally located in Midtown, plenty of facilities around, and I live right down the street. The only snag to this happy ending is that it won't be completed until September 2011. One more year. But, it is happening and it is happening in the best location. So, thanks A.C.. For the Commercial Appeal's story click here. Also, thanks to Skatelife for bringing us together to push for this park, and thanks to anyone in Memphis who supported this park, skater or not. Hope to see you out there opening day

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  1. We'll all be there on opening day. All 1000+ of us! Yes!!!