Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Workin Man Blues

Here are some pictures from the work day last saturday. It was an epic day that had everyone there stoked on what was to come. Big props to Hammond for getting the truck there and also to Wrex for bringing in some excellent knowledge and skills to the table. Taylor, Bambei, Johnny, you guys motivate me and inspire me with your ask no questions get it done attitudes. Everyone there put in work and deserves to feel good about it. Being involved in something like this is an experience that I can't put into words. It is a true labor of love and as Johnny said on monday as I was giving him a ride to work after some work at the spot, "I'd rather do this all day and not get paid then go to work." So true. thank you guys for letting me be a part of a really rad day that I won't soon forget and also giving me a chance to put in my dues. Be sure to check out Taylor's Index Blog, Trife Street, and Dr. Gay Panda for more coverage.

wallride forms are ready

one side of the spine

the usual suspects, waiting for the concrete to arrive

Wrex came out to help and to show off his new seating innovation

Bambei get toasty by the trash fire

the truck arrives!

like kids on christmas

Hammond was hyped

We got the truck driver to move the shoot right over the quarter

Get to work grunts

After the crete was on the quarter it was time to fill up the wheelbarrows and take it to the other forms

filling in the wallrides

there wasn't enough concrete to fill in the spine

Wrex and Bambei plotting

Teamwork makes the dream work

just before final smoothing

Potsy approves

finishing up the last quarter

Be sure to head over to the Trife Street blog and donate to the fund. Even if it is a dollar, ever bit counts.

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