Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Terrytopia theft

Yes, I said it right. Someone stole Terry's Dogtown longboard recently. On top of the missing Old Man Army board not too long ago this is just ridiculous. Who would have the audacity to steal from someone who has provided something extremely rad for everyone and continuously shows his hospitality twice a week. Its insane, stupid really. If anyone knows who did it, or if its you, just bring the boards back, apologize, and never come back to Terry's ever again because that is your best option. You don't want the alternative if someone finds out its you or finds you with the board(s). I'm not saying Im going to do anything, but there are a good number of people that would stop whatever they are doing, including being at work, to come and make sure that whoever did this has learned their lesson. Let's not let it get to that. Just bring it back because after all, ITS NOT YOURS YOU JERK!

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