Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dennis McNett

playing it safe will only get you so far. Take some risks and put in some work. I really respect hard working artists. Its risky to work for long hours every day for months producing work that in hopes will sell and pay your rent for the next little while so you can do it all over again. Not much job security in the art world. Sometimes you got to do as Dennis McNett does and do the occasional board series for Anti-Hero to get by.

I first saw his work through Anti Hero. I just recently learned more about his lino-cut prints and his methods as well as a look at the rest of his very, very large collection of works. I believe his work might be the heaviest of many inspirations right now for me. when I find things that inspire me i like to share them, so enjoy these documentary style episodes of Dennis done by Buddy Nichols.

Also, check out some of his work online here.

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