Monday, September 20, 2010

Post Cooper-Young Bowl Session

We packed up our tent around 6pm and headed to the bowl for a celebration of our success of the day and our good friend Erich Bambei's birthday. I invited along a photographer friend of mine Alex Smythe and this is what he saw through his lens that night.

Jack was skating like a madman. This is his go-to trick, melon front disaster. This is also one of many war faces that Jack often makes

Local ripper and friend Kevin Wu sailing the hip

Wu, front rock

John Willingham, frontside flip

Luke Steffenhagen, switch front disaster

Luke with a meaty stalefish over the hip

Mark Patrick, back feeble

Bambei was ripping as always. He skates faster than anyone i've ever seen before. With huge airs, long grinds, steady consistency, Bambei is going to be around for a while. Be on the lookout for this guy. Front lipslide

Bambei, blunt nosegrab

Jack, front tail block. Jack and Bambei were just feeding off each other. It was rad to watch these two go at it.

Bambei, front crailslide

Camera trickery

Ghost plant

Jack, judo disaster

Jack Carlson. True skate rat

Always the crowd pleaser, Bambei with the upper atmosphere tuck knee. Ripper

All in all it was a damn good day. Everyone was juiced and it showed. This was Alex's first time shooting skate photos and i think he made the cut. See you next time

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